Fishing ­in ­Langsua ­National ­Park

Langsua National Park invites you to wander and fish in one of the most beautiful mountain settings in Norway. In the many lakes, creeks, and rivers you will find varied populations of […]

Langsua National Park invites you to wander and fish in one of the most beautiful mountain settings in Norway. In the many lakes, creeks, and rivers you will find varied populations of trout, char, whitefish, and perch. The fish are in very good condition and are of a good average size. We invite you to experience the serene nature in the beautiful landscape.

Langsua National Park is located in a mountainous area between Gudbrandsdalen and Valdres. The park is well is a well connected wilderness area with varied and distinctive countryside where old spruce and pine forests, large marshes and lush birch forests provide the framework for unforgettable nature experiences.

In Langsua you are able to wander for days on end, and to stay in cabins and shelters that are open year round – most of which are just a short days hike away from each other. Here you will find a very well developed web of marked trails. The lush mountains here lend themselves perfectly for families with children.

Between the cabins you are able to fish in clear high mountain lakes, small mysterious forest ponds, as well as in rivers and creeks. Fish are found in high numbers most everywhere here and are generally in very good condition, with good opportunities for catching very large fish. Trout are the dominant species in most of the water systems here, and can be found in most everywhere. Char can be found in Hornsjøen, Dunglungen, Mosssjøen, Ropptjønnet, Øvre Reinsjøen, and Kroktjønnet in Vetafjellet.  In Mjogsjøen you can find whitefish, and you will find perch in Kroktjønnet at Kettilbu and Svarttjønnet. Dokkfløyvatnet is home to healthy populations of perch, whitefish, and trout.

At several of these lakes there are boats and kayaks available for rent from Gausdal Mountain Board.

Fishing License

This fishing license is valid for Gausdal public lands with its 90 different lakes and roughly 40 km of river.


24 Hour NOK 95,- | Week NOK 330,- | Season NOK 550,- | Family 24 hour NOK 160,- | Family Week NOK 430,- | Family Season NOK 800,-

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Excerpt from regulations. Read the complete fishing regulations

  • Open year round in lakes and ponds
  • All fishing in running water is forbidden from the 11th of September to the 15th of October to protect spawning fish. It is also closed to fishing within 50 meters of inlets and outlets of lakes during this time.
  • Maximum 2 rods per person are allowed.
  • The following lakes are closed to fishing from boats: Ormtjønnet, Dokkfløyvatnet middle section, Valdrestjønnene, Glåmen, Obleiken, Ropptjønnet, Dokkvatnet, Karssjøen, Hornsjøen, Dunglungen, Øvre Ongsjøen, Mossjøen, Indre Reinsjøene, Slivatna, Omundtjern, Vågskardsvatnet, Mjødokka, Skjelbreia, Gryttjønnet, Vestmjøs, Leppvatna, Nordbuvatnet, Galbutjønnet and Øvre Reinsjøen near Helleberg seter.
  • Use of motorized boats is forbidden with the exception of Dokkfløyvannet. Maximum 5 horsepower motors allowed here.
  • Children under 16 years old fish for free, but must acquire a fishing license for fishing with a rod and reel.
  • Breaking the rules can lead to arrest and confiscation of gear.

Other information

Remember the regulations on travel in Langsua National Park and surrounding areas.

  • Travel carefully and respect vegitation, wildlife, and cultural sites.
  • All vegetation including dead bushes and trees are protected agains any damage.
  • If you pack it in, pack it out. Show respect to our nature, it is our joint responsibilty.


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