Exclusive ­Fishing ­in ­The ­Urvold ­watercourse

Here you can fish for sea run brown trout, sea run char, and Atlantic salmon in unmatched surroundings. The Urvold river system has one of the densest populations of sea run trout […]

Here you can fish for sea run brown trout, sea run char, and Atlantic salmon in unmatched surroundings. The Urvold river system has one of the densest populations of sea run trout in all of Norway. This rivers system is protected due to it’s overall uniqueness and geography, and when you get here you will quickly notice that it has been largely untouched by humans. It is also protected do to its unique dense population of anadromous fish.


The Fishing

The Urvold River System is famed for having one of the densest runs of sea trout each year in all of Norway. The water runs crystal clear, and in the fall you can often spot several hundred fish staged up in the pools like an aquarium. The glass clear water means that the fish are easily spooked, but at the same time makes for a very up close and personal fishing experience. Although the river is worth the trip alone, most of the catching is done in the Urvoldvatnet lake. The primary species found here are sea run brown trout, but there are also good amounts of small salmon (1-5 kg) and the river is best fished with a single hand fly rod or a spinning rod. This river system is also the southernmost river in Norway with a healthy population of sea run char.
In the surrounding mountains there are plentiful lakes offering excellent fishing. Some are easily accessible, and others require a several hour hike through pristine wilderness. Generally speaking, when you are here you can go many days without seeing another soul.


Parts of the watercourse containing salmon consist of Urvold River through a roughly 2 km stretch, and the river that runs into Tosenfjorden at Ureidet. The Urvold River runs right past the cabin, and has a run of atlantic salmon up to roughly 500 meters past the cabin. The uppermost stretch of river is quite swift, but has some very nice spots for fly fishing. After roughly 500 meters the river slows down and forms a nice pool roughly 200 meters long with extremely clear water. Downstream the river again picks up speed before it drains into Urvoldvatnet.


Our guests have the exclusive right to fish in both the Urvold River and on the south side of the river at Ureidet. Guests of the cabin at Ureidet have the right to fish the north side of this river and access to two boats in Urvoldvatnet.  For the most part, the fish hold in the Urvoldvatnet lake, and take short trips up and down the river, and this can be dependent on waterlevels. In June and July there are fewer fish in the river, but they tend to be less shy and easier to catch. Later on in August there are more and more fish that make their way upstream, and in the end of August/early September, the river is packed with fish. However, even when you are staring down at hundreds of fish in the river it can still be a challenge to get them to take, especially during lower water levels.


The water levels can swing quickly, and you can experience several bumps in water levels throughout a weeks stay here. The days when the water levels are low it is best to fish at the mouth of the river in Urvoldvatnet. The fish tend to school up here waiting for increased water flows, and this is a serious hot spot. Although the river fishing is the most exciting, we recommend fishing Urvoldvatnet from a boat for the best fishing, especially during low water levels.


The first fish of the season tend to make their way upstream around the 10-15 of June. The first two weeks of the season are therefore priced must lower.

Fishing Regulations

  • Fishing licenses are only valid together with proof of payment of the State fee.
  • Fish season: Trout: from June 1st to September 14th. Char: from July 1st to August 31st. Salmon: from July 1st to August 15st.
  • Annual bag limit per angler: Trout: 5. Char: 1. Salmon: 1. Each fisherman is only allowed to kill one (1) trout caught in the upper river, upstream of the Urvold lake. All char is protected in the upper river and must be released.
  • Gears: Allowed gears are fly, lures/spinners and wobblers. During period from July 1st to August 31st  only fly fishing is permitted in the Urvold river.
  • Other: All sea run char over 40 cm, and all sea run trout or salmon over 60 cm must be released.

The Cabin

The cabin is located many kilometers from the nearest neighbor in a little valley surrounded by mountains on all sides, and it takes some time to figure out just exactly where the river runs in and out of the valley. The cabin lies right beside the River Urvold, and is built on the site of an old farm. There is a road right to the door, and it is equipped for up to 6 guests.


The cabin is roughly 45 square meters. There is a living room with a kitching, dining area, sofas, and 2 bedrooms with family bunk beds and a loft for 2. You will find a wood fired hot tub, a shower, and an outhouse. The appliances consist of a propane oven and stove, a propane refrigerator and freezer. There is a 230v solar panel with a USB charger. There is also an extra deep freeze at the nearest farm, which is a 10 minute drive from the cabin.

The beds will be made ready prior to your arrival, and a shed by the lake is a great place to leave your gear for the next day.


Exclusive fishing for up to 6 people in the Urvold watercourse, including accommodation for one week:

From the May 30st to the 13th of June: From 3083,- NOK per person (18.500,- NOK)

From the 13th of June to the 15th of August: From 4417,- NOK per person (26.500,- NOK)

For an additional fee of 4000, – NOK, the exclusive right of fishing is extended to the entire anadromous stretch of the river (Ureidet, Urvoldvatnet and upper river).

From the 15th of August to the 9th of September: From 5083,- NOK per person (30.500,- NOK)

In the period 15th of August to the 9th of September, fishing throughout the entire anadromous stretch of the watercourse (Ureidet, Urvoldvatnet and upper river) are included.

Deposit 3500,-.


These prices are valid for up to 6 guests, for each additional guests the cost is an additional 2000,- NOK per person per week. A deposit must be made at the time of booking, and the remaining balance must be paid upon a decided date before the time of arrival. Groups must pay for the trip in their entirety. More detailed payment information will be given upon time of booking.

Contact us with questions or for more information.


During the period 15th of August to the 9th of September it is possible to book shorter stays, respectively 3 and 4 days, with the following prices:
Saturday – Wednesday: 17.500, – NOK.
Wednesday – Saturday: 13,000, – NOK.
Please contact Plahtes Estates  by e-mail or telephone for bookings of 3 or 4 days stay in this period.




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