The Bjordalen Valley is a mountain fishing eldorado in Skarvheimen where you will find access to 20 lakes. This area offers exciting sports fishing opportunities for trout, and you will also find […]

The Bjordalen Valley is a mountain fishing eldorado in Skarvheimen where you will find access to 20 lakes. This area offers exciting sports fishing opportunities for trout, and you will also find an exclusive fly-fishing zone. With a limited license sales and a small amount of anglers in the area you will be able to get away from the crowds and feel like you truly have the mountains to yourself.


Skarvheimen is a high mountain area offering a good combination of the nature that is typical of both Western and Eastern Norway. Here you will find everything from wide-open valleys to sharp peaks and deep narrow canyons and valleys. In Skarvheimen you will find Bjordalen with 20 lakes at an elevation between 1300-1500 meters over sea level. Bjordal offers exclusive fishing for feisty fresh silver mountain trout in crystal clear water. When you arrive here you will experience the feeling that you have left the surrounding world and you can truly enjoy the stillness of the mountains. So just let your shoulders relax, get out your fishing rod, and point your nose towards one of the lakes.


Fishing in Bjordalen

Bjordalen offers fishing for everyone. Several of the lakes are easily accessible from the road, which makes them ideal for families with children. You will also find several lakes that are only reachable by a backpacking trip, and you will find lakes that are ideal for and exclusive to fly-fishing. However, most of the lakes here are open to all types of rod and reel tackle.


The fishing season in the area is open from the 10th of July to the 15th of September, which can depend largely on the snowpack. When you fish in Bjordalen you will have access to a huge area to yourself. The fishing license is also included with rental of any of the 5 cabins in the area, and you will also have access to a boat on several of these lakes.


Fish Population

The fish here are managed with a deep local knowledge of the conditions and area, and each lake is managed differently. The trout here are of excellent condition and are typically very large. The average size for all of the lakes combined is 400 grams, but there have been fish caught that are over 1.5 kilos. There is a large variation between the different lakes. Some of them are shallow and ideal for fly-fishing while others are much deeper where you will have the best luck with a lure or worms.


Where the fish populations allow for it you may also keep some fish. In Kaldevatn, Nedre Bjordalsvatn, and Mjåvatn it is allowed to fish with a planer board, while in Upper and Lower Skardalstjern you are also allowed to fish with a net as part of the cultivation of the lake. These rules are put in place due to the overpopulation of these specific lakes.


The Fly Fishing Zone

In Grindevatna (3 small lakes at 1375 meters above sea level) you will find the fly-fishing zone. These lakes are easily accessible from the road, easy to hike between, and are located in an ideal setting. The fly-fishing zone includes two of the lakes, where only classic fly-fishing is allowed.

These lakes are very exciting to fish from land when 1 kg trout are cruising the banks and rising steadily. When the fish are turned on to the caddis you will experience fishing that you won’t soon forget, and when the heather flies start hatching in August things start to really get crazy!


In the fly-fishing zone all fish over 35 cm must be released. The bag limit is one fish under 35 cm for each lake per fishing day. Once the bag limit has been reached you are not allowed to continue fishing until the following day. Fishing may only take place between 8 am and 10 pm. Fishing outside of this window must happen in the “all tackle” lakes.


In the third and largest Grindevatnet the fish are managed under the principle of “selective harvest”. Here you must kill all fish under 30 cm, as well as fish with skinny bodies and large heads. Fat fish in good condition must be released.


The cabins

You will find 5 separate cabins available for rent. These cabins are of varying standard. Here you will find everything from “basic” to “High Standard”. Rental cabins are spread throughout the area, where three of the cabins are easily accessible from the road.

In each of the cabins you will find a wood stove or paraffin stove for heating, propane cook stoves, everything you need in the kitchen, and lamps for lighting. None of the cabins have running water or electricity, but water can be found in the surrounding creeks and lakes. Remember to bring your sleeping bag.


The cabins are rented out on a weekly basis (Sunday to Sunday – Thursday to Thursday) or for a half-week period (Sunday to Thursday – Thursday to Sunday). Arrival of new guests takes place at 3 pm, and departure takes place at 1 pm. Keys can be picked up and delivered after agreement with the cabin owner. Cleaning of the cabin is not included in the rental.


For more information on the cabins please see Bjordalen Hunting and Fishing.

For booking please contact Anders Walla.


Half week, including fishing licenses from NOK 3 900,- | Week, including fishing licenses from NOK 6 900,-

Travel and other informations

Bjordalen is located in Borgundsfjella in the Lærdal Municipality, and stretches from Lærdalsdalen in the west all the way to the border of Buskerud County in the east. The area is located in the heart of Skarvheimen, right between Bergen and Oslo and belongs to one of the local farms in Lærdal.


From the Oslo area the quickest access is taking RV7 to Gol, and RV 52 over Hemsedalsfjellet where you will meet up with E16 at Borlaugskrysset. Turn onto E16 towards Lærdal, and after 9 km follow the sign for Borgund Stavkirka.


From the Bergen area you will follow E16 to Lærdal, and continue up the valley. Drive through 2 tunnels, and right after the second tunnel turn to the left following the sign for Borgund Stavkirka.


Bjordalen is easily accessed via a 20 km long gated road. The distance to the individual lakes and cabins varies. Some are located right along the road, while others require using your legs. It is a roughly 5 km hike to reach the furthest lake.


Please note that Bjordalen has limited cellular service.


Anders Walla | Telephone:+47 90 82 19 19 |



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