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About Fishspot Inland fishing in Norway with Fishspot. Before we tell you about the fantastic services from Fishspot, we want to explain how fishing and venturing in Norway nature works. This is […]

About Fishspot

Inland fishing in Norway with Fishspot.

Before we tell you about the fantastic services from Fishspot, we want to explain how fishing and venturing in Norway nature works. This is important as it differs a lot from many other countries.

Nature and backcountry
Landowners own all waters, rivers and land in Norway. These landowners can be either public or private. However, everybody can roam freely in the Norwegian countryside, including privately owned land. You can camp anywhere except near people’s homes or buildings. Open fires are banned most of the season, due to fire hazard.

Most roads are public, but you will find private roads, especially in and around the outback. Most of these roads require you to buy a ticket to drive on it, and this is normally a small fee.

Camping is 100% safe. There has not been any bear or wolf attack in Norway in modern history. Hunting is not open during fishing season. Any wildlife you see – enjoy it – maybe except the mosquitos.

Fishing license
Almost all lakes and rivers in Norway require you to buy a fishing license. This is important as policing is frequent and fines are costly. When it comes to fishing in the Fishspot area, all licenses can be purchased online. Many sporting stores also offer licenses. You can also buy a license with a mobile phone, but this requires you to have a Norwegian number. Fishing license prices vary from 50 NOK pr. day to 300 NOK.

Your friend Fishspot
Fishspot is an organization that facilitates and informs you about the fishing opportunities in our area. The Fishspot area now covers four counties. We also make information available about where to find accommodation and dining. In general, you will find all the information you need for your fishing trip to Norway at this website.

As described above, finding accommodation is easy. If you are not a camping person, there is a huge number of cabins and lodges for rent. Either with self-catering or full board.  We recommend the rural cabin life as an alternative to camping.

Navigation on this site
Here on Fishspot the best way to navigate is first to determine what type of fishing you prefer, in the fishing section in the menu. Having done than you are presented with numerus options on where to fish. Then you can choose from the nearby accommodation like lodges, cabins, hotels and camping sites. You will also find local grocery stores, sporting goods stores and other leisure activities. 

The fishing
Norway is awesome. As mentioned before you can go anywhere you like, and with thousands of lakes and hundreds of rivers in our area, you will find solitude and the true wilderness experience. On the other hand, you will also find that a lot of the rivers and lakes are easily accessible from roads. In a handful of rivers, you will meet a few anglers, but no rivers are crowded.

The typical species is brown trout, grayling, arctic char, pike and arctic white fish. Most of the fishing can be practiced with any style of rod fishing you prefer, with the exception of a few fly-fishing zones. Most waters have regulations on catch and release of fish within certain sizes. Make sure to get necessary information about this.

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Fishspot has many contributors who provide photos, videos and fishing reports. This allows us to have a steady news stream with current affairs. If you would like to help us with that, we will appreciate it. Please contact redaksjon@fishspot.no







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