Autmn ­fishing ­in ­Grimsa ­river

It's autumn and the season in Grimsa river are at it's end game. Jon-Anders Nethaug just came back and have these words to share.


It’s autumn and the season in Grimsa river are at it’s end game. Jon-Anders Nethaug just came back and have these words to share.

We’ve had Grimsa in our sight for a long time, and now we finally got around to giving the river a go. We left out home layer in Lørenskog at 0630 in the morning and four hours later we arrived in Grimsbu. After a quick recon we decided to fish it from the bottom up.

Neither me nor my fishing buddy Janni had fished a river like this before. Grimsa river offers a varied typography with different currents and bottoms. There is both Grayling and trout and they are all 100% natural reproducing. It was mostly grayling we got in contact with on this trip.


The river snakes itself through a very fantastic and scenic landscape, the river is a pearl of a river to put it mildly. We found smooth flows, heavy rippling currents, gully’s, pools and and everything in between. As we had no experience with the river it was all trial and error.


Shortly summed up we caught some fish on different techniques of a nymph fishing in gully’s and pools. The dry fly fishing was manly klinkhammers and other hatching patterns that worked best on the few rising fish we managed to find.


Both Janni and myself have the same feeling of unfinished business with this river, and there is no doubt in my mind – we are coming back !!