Via ­Ferrata

Via Ferrata Telemark går opp Skredfjell, som ligger nord i Fyresdal kommune i Vest-Telemark. Dette er en Via Ferrata som passer godt for familier og aktive barn over 6 år.

Via Ferrata Telemark goes up Skredfjell, which lies north in the north of Fyresdal Commune in West Telemark. From the steep mountainside you’ll have an ideal view over lake Skredvatn and the lush surroundings. From the parking area it’s only a ten-minute walk to the foot of the mountain, and the entire trip up and down Skredfjell is estimated at 4 hours. If you have the relevant experience and equipment you can take the trip on your own, but it is recommended to hire a guide. Get in touch with us if you’d like to experience Via Ferrata in Fyresdal!

You’ll find pricing, safety rules, and more information here.


Fyresdalvegen 622, Fyresdal.

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