Teisner ­Mathus ­in ­Fyresdal

Teisner Mathus holder til i trivelige lokaler i Fyresdal. Vi på Teisner tror at maten, omgivelsene og den personlige servicen er tre faktorer som må være av ypperste kvalitet.

Teisner Mathus is a cozy location in Fyresdal. At Teisner we believe that the food, the surroundings, and the service minded attitude are three factors which are critical to an unforgettable dining experience. We focus equally on all three!

We constantly strive to offer a rich and exciting menu, within bistro, grill, pizza, and catering. We use locally sourced produce, which varies throughout the season. You will find us in the business park with an excellent view over Fyresvatn and the surrounding mountains.

For opening hours visit our website at teisnermathus.no

Welcome to Teisner!


Klokkarhamaren 6, 3870 Fyresdal

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