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Fishing Weekend visited Galten

frhFiskeweekend is a free fishing magazine. It ditribueres both digital and as a magazine in paper in Sweden. Fiskeweekend has visited Fishspot and Galten. Here you can see the article...

Higlights from Jon-Erlend in 2014

frhJon-Erlend Sundnes is an avid fly fisherman and he is increasingly visiting Fishspot and in the Rena River. He has put together images that summarize the 2014 season. Not all the pictures are from Fishspot, but we are well represented.

A good day at Gjerfloen Fly Fishing

frhGood catches in Fishspot although it recently has come some snow in several places...

Five random fisheries

Fly Fishing Guide Lars B. Johansen

Lars B frhThe Rena river and Glomma

Kvikne – Mountain fishing at Kviknebrona and Innerdalen

Kviknebrona frhOn Kviknebroa and in Innerdalen you will find several small and big lakes with good quality fishing. Wild brown trout of 1 kilo is not uncommon! The area is about 1000 meters above sea level, but close to roads.

Lake Harsjøen at Rendalen

harsjøen frhThe lake Harsjøen is idyllically situated in Rendalen. It is easily accessible and offers exciting fishing for many species. The lake Harsjøen is an excellent destination for those who want to bring the whole family on a fishing trip.

Vestsjøberget Fly Fishing

test frhVestsjøberget Fly Fishing offers a very diverse stretch in Trysil river. There are slow flowing areas that are perfect for dry fly fishing and faster stretches perfectly suited for nymph fishing as well. The Trysil river has a rich insect life, and the highlights are the large hatches of the Danica mayfly.

Åmot Elvelag - Søre Osa

Søre Osa Åmot Elvelag frhSøre-Osa holds plenty of fish and is overpopulated with trout, to bring home a dinner is only positive for the ecology of the river. Between all the rivers in Åmot this is a perfect river to bring kids, and teach them fishing. Everyone gets fish in Søre-Osa.