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Brant's pictures from the Rena River

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABrant Fagerås is a dedicated fly fisherman and photographer. Earlier this fall, he visited the Rena river with the fly rod and camera.

The fly fishing workshop at Koppang Camping

frhHere are some pictures from day two and three during workshop at Koppang Camping.

Around in Fishspot in September

frhGreat weather provides good conditions for fishing in Fishspot right now. Here's a report from around in Fishspot in September.

Five random fisheries

Galten and river Femund - Smithseter cabin

Smithseter frhFly fishing has a long tradition and history at Smithseter (the Smith Cabin). The Lawyer brothers Smith from London built up a fly fishing paradise here as early as the late 1800 's. Smithseter is located a few meters from the Galthue stream, an outflow of Lake Galtsjøen. This spot ranks as one of the area's best places for fly fishing.

Trysil - Eksklusivt Fiske - Vestsjøberget Fluefiske

Vestsjøberget 1 688 frhVestsjøberget Fluefiske tilbyr en ukes eksklusivt fluefiske med losji. I en uke kan dere ha en strandlinje på 6,7 km for dere selv.. Eksklusivt stangfiske i Vestsjøen og skogstjern er inkludert dersom ønskelig. Det er praktisert catch & release med baglimit på elvestrekket siden 1991. Markedsføres offentlig for første gang, og det kjøres introduksjonspriser nå i 2013! Unikt tilbud for vennegjengen, bedriften eller om du rett og slett ønsker å ha en hel "elv" for deg selv.

Vestsjøberget Fly Fishing

Vestsjøberget 1 688 frhVestsjøberget Fly Fishing offers exclusive fly fishing and lodging. During one week you can have 6,7 km of river for yourself. If desired spin fishing in two lakes - Vestsjøen and a forest pond - is included. Since 1991 this stretch of the river is managed with strict bag limits and catch & release fishing. Marketed online for the first time now, with introductory rates for 2013!

Glomma - Stor-Elvdal - North

Flyfish10_Koppang_Camping glomma nord frhRiver Glomma at Stor-Elvdal varies between rapids and slow flowing parts. Many big and small islands provide good fishing opportunities. Grayling is the dominant species, it is very abundant. Some years ago North of Sundfloen bridge a maximum size for grayling has been installed, and the average size of the fish is increasing.

North Rena River

NR FS frhThe fishing in North Rena River is challenging, but it holds a good stock of big trout and grayling. The area is close to the road and easy accessible. In the last part of September you can fish for whitefish that is migrating to its spawning grounds.