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gudmundNew website, new rivers, pike waters and hopefully new fishermen coming to visit us.

Pike fishing in Harsjøen

gjedde2Many fishermen don’t know how diverse the fishing opportunities really is in Fishspot, and the pike-fishing opportunities needs more attention.

Fly casting lessons with Jan Erik Granbo

J_granboFor those who are lucky to be in Norway next week, casting instructor and Guideline consultant Jan Erik Granbo is giving lessons in Tynset may.20

Five random fisheries

River Otta at Skjåk – Fly fishing zone

ove kastar flogo v pollodden 2 frhThe Skjåk municipality fishing board has a fly fishing zone in river Otta on the stretch from Pollfoss waterfall downstream to and including the outflow of Lake Pollvatnet, where a threshold is established (in place in spring).

Vestsjøberget Fly Fishing

test frhVestsjøberget Fly Fishing offers a very diverse stretch in Trysil river. There are slow flowing areas that are perfect for dry fly fishing and faster stretches perfectly suited for nymph fishing as well. The Trysil river has a rich insect life, and the highlights are the large hatches of the Danica mayfly.

Fly Fishing Guide Hein Van Aar

Hein-van-Aar frhRiver Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing, The lakes in Hodalen

River Gudbrandsdalslågen Zone 5 – from Otta to Sæta

Lågen frhThis part of River Gudbrandsdalslågen is one of Norway’s best fishing rivers, and ideal for fly fishing.

Nordre Renaelva Fly Fishing Zone

Nordre Rena frhThe fishing in the Northern Rena River is challenging, but if you crack the code there is trophy grayling and brown trout to be caught. The fly fishing zone is easily accessible from the road, and is approximately 4,7 km long.