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Higlights from Jon-Erlend in 2014

frhJon-Erlend Sundnes is an avid fly fisherman and he is increasingly visiting Fishspot and in the Rena River. He has put together images that summarize the 2014 season. Not all the pictures are from Fishspot, but we are well represented.

A good day at Gjerfloen Fly Fishing

frhGood catches in Fishspot although it recently has come some snow in several places...

Femundsmarka National park in the October

frhA fishing report from Femundsmarka in the October is not common. Although there are some restrictions for fishing in the October it is still available fishing ...

Five random fisheries

Glomma - Rendalen

Fluefisker gl. rendalenThis area starts at the commune border at Alvdal and goes down to the commune border of Stor-Elvdal. Glomma is regulated at Høyegga in Alvdal.

Folldal Fjellstyre

Einunna Folldal frhFolldal fjellstyre administers approximately 20 lakes and 30 km of river where you can encounter brown trout, artic char and grayling. They stock fish in several ponds every year, and the reports from the anglers are good catches of fish in beautiful condition.

Femund Engerdal - Femundsmarka National Park

storrøye frhFemundsmarka national park is well known for it characteristic wilderness with old pine, stone blocks and numerous lakes and ponds. In the national park the possibility of big trout, arctic char or grayling is always present and maybe you have heard of Røa, Grøtåa or The Røvol Mountain? Enjoy your trip inn to the wild!

Trysil - River Trysil river from lake Sennsjøen to Koloa inlet

Trysil harr frhThis area begins at the outlet of Lake Sennsjøen and ends at river Koloåas inlet. The section is about 55 km in length and offers varied fishing opportunities, both in the use of equipment and wich fish species are present.

Glomma Stor-Elvdal - South

Flyfish2_Koppang_Camping Glomma sør frhRiver Glomma at Stor-Elvdal varies between rapids and slow flowing parts. Many big and small islands provide good fishing opportunities. Grayling is the dominant species, it is very abundant. Just south of Sundfloen bridge, you will find the "Koppang Islands", where many islands divide Glomma into smaller streams. The area is very fishable and waders [...]