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Great trout from Engerdal


Jan Lillestu from Engerdal is both a dedicated fly fisherman, fly tier and photographer. This autumn he filmed these trout in Engerdal. The largest fishes you can measures in number of kilos!

The first mayfly is reported

Årets første frh

The first mayfly is reported. Fishing guide and fly tying Roger Enger Lie has observed this fellow in Glomma. Roger give you also tips about some great fly pattern for early fishing.

Little snow = early season?

Hein med harr fra Kvennan Fly Fishsing

No news yet from Kvennan Fly Fishing, the fishing season opens June 1th. But the amount of snow in the Glomma valley and the surrounding mountains is very small compared to other years, so the circumstances for early season fly fishing might be very good this year !

Course with Michael Jensen at Rena Fish Camp

Michael Jensen holder kurs på Rena Fiskecamp

In cooperation with fly tier and fly fisherman Michael Jensen organizes Rena Fish Camp course in streamer fishing the weekend from the 6th to the 8th of June. The course is only for six people so sign up right away.

Article from Fishspot in the latest Fisch & Fang


Fisch & Fang is the largest fishing magazine in Germany. This summer they visited Fishspot for pike fishing and it is featured in the latest edition. It’s in sale from the 17th of April.

“Fly Fisher” in the Rena river

ørret Rena FF frh

The season is approaching. In the Rena river the season starts on the 17th of May. We warm up with some pictures from the Rena river from FlyFisher.

Big trout from the lake Langsjøen!

Ørret på over 4 kg fr Langsjøen

Normally Fishspot not posts news about winter fishing. But when Cato Bekkevold visits Fishspot ( again! ) we need to make an exception.

Do you want to visit the national park Femundsmarka?

Femundsmarka Fly Fisher frh

In Engerdal you will find something for everyone when it comes to fishing. Tony Warelius, alias FlyFisher, appears to be well known in the area. Fish Spot wish everyone a good weekend with some “goodies” from wilderness around the lake Femunden.

Photos from “Fly Fisher”


Tony Warelius, alias Fly Fisher, visited the river Vangrøfta in “Fishspot-land” this summer.

Selsvollene Fly Fishing Zone on Fishspot

Sel fluefs frh

Information about the Fly Fishing Zone at Selsvollene in Gudbrandsdalslågen is now available at Fish Spot. The zone is located in the upper parts of Gudbrandsdalslågen and offers an exciting fishing for grayling and trout in crystal clear water.

Early spring dry fly fishing

harr frh

It is time for the first hatches of stoneflies and mosquitoes in Glomma.

Buy fishing licenses for Grimsa Fly fishing now!

Grimsa frhv

The fishing licenses for Grimsa Fly Fishing for sale. Grimsa has a limit of 10 licenses per. days. See video from Grimsa.