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Pike fishing in Øversjødalen og Langsjøen

forsidebildeRecently Kristoffer Skjervold spent a week fishing in Øversjødalen and Langsjøen with good friends. By sharing some photos with Fishspot, Kristoffer is in a draw to win fishing equipment for NOK 50,000! […]

Artic char on fly in Engerdal

reøye på flye frhJan Lillestu from Engerdal does more than just film the fish, he can also fish them. Or, as here, doing both simultaneously.

Courses in special flycasts

Landsjøen frhRena Fishcamp holds courses in fly casting. On this course you will be able to learn special casts that snake roll and snap T.  The course will be held at Rena Fishcamp […]

Five random fisheries

Langsjøen Pike Zone

Gjedde Langsjøen frhThis section of Langsjøen is known for it's big pike. Pike close to 16 kg has been caught in this area.

Vestsjøberget Fly Fishing

Vestsjøberget 1 688 frhVestsjøberget Fly Fishing offers exclusive fly fishing and lodging. During one week you can have 6,7 km of river for yourself. If desired spin fishing in two lakes - Vestsjøen and a forest pond - is included. Since 1991 this stretch of the river is managed with strict bag limits and catch & release fishing. Marketed online for the first time now, with introductory rates for 2013!


Unsetåa frhUnsetåa license area consist of Finstadsjøen, Unsetåa (excluding the fly fishing zone) and Tysla. In Finstadsjøen the artic char is the dominant species but you can also find big trout. The tributary Tysla is a shallow river with a light gravel bottom holding a good stock of brown trout.

Nordersjøen Pike Zone

Nordersjøen Tolga frhThis Lake offers you the opportunity to go and hunt for big pike. Pike in the 100cm + range are not uncommon, in addition the lake holds some nice perch as well.

Trysil - Lake Landsjøen

Landsjøen frhLake Landsjøen is a popular lake for trout fishing in Trysil, situated 10 km East of Plassen and the Trysil river. It is an exceptionally pretty forest lake, perfect for those seeking trout fishing in beautiful scenery and peaceful surroundings.