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Fishspot Catalog 2015

Fishspot 4 EngerdalFishspot Catalog 2015 is ready. The catalog will come in a Norwegian and an English edition. There are many great pictures from Fishspot so we hope that people will visit our websites.

The Mayfly from Tørt Fly Fishing

videobildefrhNew short film online! Relax and slow down with these mayfly clips from last year.

Autumn grayling fishing in the river Glomma

frh videoAutum is the season for fishing for grayling. The grayling is often more active from August. William Moberg Faulds visited the river Glomma ...

Five random fisheries

Hodalen lakes and Glomma - Escapade

Escapade_edited-1 frhEscapade Norvégienne is located in Hodalen, right in the heart of an excellent fishing area in the Nord-Østerdalen Valley and Engerdal region. Within a radius of 45 minutes by car Escapade can guide their guests to some of the best fishing in the region. Among others Kvennan Fly Fishing (Glomma), the Hodalen lakes, river Hola and river Sømåa.

Glomma - Stor-Elvdal - North

Flyfish10_Koppang_Camping glomma nord frhRiver Glomma at Stor-Elvdal varies between rapids and slow flowing parts. Many big and small islands provide good fishing opportunities. Grayling is the dominant species, it is very abundant. Some years ago North of Sundfloen bridge a maximum size for grayling has been installed, and the average size of the fish is increasing.

Glomma - Kvennan Fly Fishing - The Flyfishing Zone

KFF_foto_Hein Van Aar frhWith different hatches throughout the whole season, this area is truly an Eldorado for the fly fishers. With limited licenses available is ensured that the fishing pressure don’t get too big, the possibility to catch a 45 cm + grayling is high.

Vestsjøberget Fly Fishing

Vestsjøberget 1 688 frhVestsjøberget Fly Fishing offers exclusive fly fishing and lodging. During one week you can have 6,7 km of river for yourself. If desired spin fishing in two lakes - Vestsjøen and a forest pond - is included. Since 1991 this stretch of the river is managed with strict bag limits and catch & release fishing. Marketed online for the first time now, with introductory rates for 2013!

Kvikne - River fishing in upper Orkla

Orkla Danny Cotheren frhThe upper Orkla is a trout river with plenty of fish in good condition. The best trout fishing is in early season when good sized fish is not uncommon.